Hound Haven's boarding facility is unlike most others. Here, we aim to give your dogs an experience they wouldn't get at home. At the same time, we try and give them the closest experience of being a dog. This, with a lot of fun, learning and novelty, makes for a great stay at Hound Haven for your dogs.

Kenneling /Boarding ammenities:

We have temperature controlled kennels for all dogs, as per their needs.

Exercise ground and routines with a professional trainer.

Splash pools for the dogs to get familiar with swimming.

Socialising with other dogs and people of all ages.

Professional groomers to give cuts and style your dogs. 

Hygiene treatments for nails, ears, teeth, and ticks, fleas, etc.

If you ever need to part with your dearest dogs for a while, let us take care of them, for you!


Boarding and Kennelling ​