Whether you're a family and want another unconditionally loving member, or single and looking to add some wag to your life, Hound Haven was made for people like us.

Finding and bringing home the right dog for yourself can be an anxious time. When I set about looking for an English Mastiff for my own home, I met pet-shop owners that tried to sell me a Labrador instead and 'professional' breeders who in-breed hundreds of puppies in filthy, cramped conditions for maximum profit. Websites that promise to deliver a puppy to you (with a discount if you order in bulk), prices that vary depending on who and how much you know, zero guarantees of pure-breeding or even good health. 

Finally after being told to wait a week, then a month, and then three months, I brought my puppy home.

This is Floyd, age 6 weeks...

Because of the conditions he lived through the first days of his life he had ticks, acute gastric trouble and no energy to respond to affection. Everybody advised me to send the puppy back, that he wouldn't survive, but by then I'd fallen for Floyd. It took patience, medical supervision, fresh mountain air and a great deal of love, but Floyd bounced back.

Here he is, age 18 months...

Taking care of a sickly pet is challenging, and rewarding, and completely unnecessary. Many of the health and personality problems that dogs grow up with can be eliminated if puppies are cared for properly in the first weeks after birth.

Hound Haven was born out of my journey with Floyd, so that people like us can have the best possible start to a relationship with our canine companions. We guarantee:

* 24x7 medical supervision of puppies while in our care

* Hound Haven staff have professional veterinary experience and follow global-standard nutritional practices

No in-breeding within litters, no forced breeding

Transparency of lineage and certification of purity (on request)

* Hound Haven keeps a record of our puppies' origins and parentage

​* Our availability, even after you have brought your puppy home, to advise you on diet, training and general care. 


Whoever said you can't buy happiness didn't know about puppies.

Give us a call – it might change your whole life.